Soap Soup is simmering with all the fun, love and energy we've come to expect from the prolific Sam Glaser.”

–David Steinberg, Producer, Disney Animation

“Soap Soup has the sound of an instant classic…it makes a total connection with the audience.  Artists dream of having one song that is just right…Soap Soup is a 20 song slam dunk…not a stone out of place.”


 “Fun, upbeat and clever new music from the creator of Parent's Choice Recommended CD Soap Soup.”

-Kids Music Web

“Soup Soup has twenty fine songs presented with energy and love for the whole family”

–National Parenting Publications (Soap Soup won the NAAPA HONORS award)

“Sam Glaser brings muscular ebullience to his jazz-infused songs that cover familiar, but never tired, territory: a trip to the zoo, starting the day ("Morning Time Again"), bathtime and family vacations. "Run Away," about a game of tag with dad is a sunny delight and "I'm Pretty Sure It's Me," with small tots providing the confident title response to loving musical questions, is downright adorable. The sophisticated jazz and pop instrumentals are a big part of this album's adult appeal.”

–Lynne Heffley, Parents' Choice (Soap Soup won a 2005 Parent’s Choice award)

 “Congratulations!  Soap Soup is one of our 15 finalists in the 2005 Best Kids Music 3-8 year old category.”

–Children’s Music Web Awards

”Soap Soup has become a favorite in my car and all my kids want to listen to. Yesterday on our way home from the zoo, we listened to the bathtub song three times in a row so we could chime in on "shampoo..." and the vacation song where we laughed as the little boy lost his pickles out the window. My kids and their friends love hearing other kids sing and each song has a place where they can join in. This CD is filled with many magic moments from the amazing intro to the hummingbird song and the singing hummingbird to the end of the vacation song where the family goes through what all families can recognize as the agonies of being in a car too long..."are we there yet, stop fighting, I'm getting sick"..etc. Sam has really gotten into the head of a kid when he explores hide and seek, eating ice cream, and waking up in the morning. We love singing about going to the zoo, shaking maracas going to a wedding and a birthday party. We even learned a bit of Spanish on the clever bilingual Hola! song. There are also songs that cover more sensitive topics like being a family, lullablies and angels. It is obvious that Sam has a passion for children, his own, which he sings about in the Sara and Jesse songs and all kids which he explores in other titles. It is nice to hear all the voices in Sam's family contribute to this recording including his wife. My daughter explained to her friend after hearing the vacation song that the lady we heard really is a mom and her friend asked if the song was really recorded in the car. I love the varied styles of music on this CD and the high quality of the playing and recording. Not all children's CDs are as appealing to the parents as to the kids. I look forward to tomorrow as I will be in the car with my kids for two hours and Soap Soup will be a welcome friend on our journey.”

–Karen Golden, Storyteller and Educator 

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